The main stumbling block in

Submitted by Anonymous on 5 August 2018 - 07:16 pm

The main stumbling block in the change in thinking and practice to that of design /redesign has always been the term in that is embedded into the legislation is that of "as far as is reasonably practicable".Since this term has been used by the legal profession in lawful proceedings and it is virtually impossible to agree on what is "reasonable", then we can talk and pontificate infinitum. However the required move to a better and effective trajectory will never happen until its removal and replacement occurs and is replaced by wording that allows the required change to happen and by doing so removes the main obstacle that is being used(and hidden behind) by those vested interested parties to prevent the required change in workplace design and those organisations that continue in being entities'and /or provide the control for such to protect the status quo. This despite the reports and initiatives that act as merely a smoke screens and try to provide a image of being seen to be doing something. Which in the end is not going to fool anyone and only provides an obfuscation to the required rate of progress.