I am a bit surprised at

Submitted by Alan Overment on 29 April 2016 - 02:16 pm

I am a bit surprised at Judith`s comments but when this register was first proposed I dont think that many of us really believed that this would be the end of all bad advice. I have been involved in Health and Safety for 20 years and have taken over the consultancy role from large providers who only provided generic Policies, Risk assessments, Method statements and assisted organisations with CHAS and Safecontractor with documentation that they had never even seen before it was submitted to the SSIP`s and yes these consultants are CMIOSH and on the register. To assume that being CMIOSH guarantees good advice is naive and wrong, (remember every full member became CMIOSH in 2007 automatically) but what is the alternative to a register. There are many Competent practitioners at GradIOSH and TechIOSH levels, there is no doubt about this, I have met many of them.