Of course OSHCR is not

Submitted by Joe Portelli on 28 April 2016 - 08:01 pm

Of course OSHCR is not working, and it does not depend on who you ask. The fact is that HSE already delegated the responsibility for competency assessment to the various industry , i.e. Oil & Gas, Aviation , Maritime etc., and in turn their delegated associations who represent the industry through membership, who agree standards and codes of practices, medical recognition and so on. One could not really expect just because they meet CDP set by an institute not specialising in Industry and registration following a paid up fee would replace the Industry Competency Schemes ? If anything that would be contradictory to the HSE Accepted competency schemes that have been in place for several decades. Having a membership with an institute is important and essential, but in the end it does not verify speciality competency this is best left to the industry ie. Aviation safety , OGP safety, Drilling Safety etc. The OSHCR does nothing to compare if the Institutes and the Industry requirements are compatible and therefore has not foundation. As for a list of practitioners, the institutes themselves already do this service and do it without interfering with the industry competency schemes, which means for example, that the Maritime agency decides which IOSH member meets its competnecy and the Aviation agency or IMCA decides theirs , with reasonable proof and supported schemes behind them. Where does this leave OSHCR ? It has a place, for those offering service to the public directly and are not captured by any Industry Scheme. The HSE would than have to create an approved "competency" scheme to verify the registered individual's claim of expertise as this is outside an Institutes aims, the latter simply recognised the "Safety" qualification not the industry competence.