Well this certainly seems to

Submitted by Phil Keeling AIOSH on 28 April 2016 - 01:14 pm

Well this certainly seems to have stirred the mind. I trained as an electrical engineer in the mid 80's, but have worked with H&S professionals for many years. The vast majority I have come across do the job because they have a passion for keeping people safe and healthy at work. I recently passed my NEBOSH with distinction albeit NGC1 at second attempt, and was asked by the plant Mgr to assist him with his H&S obligations. I, with the mentoring help of a CMIOSH professional who is on the register, have just completed a new Safety Management System for the site where I work. My philosophy is certainly biased towards ensuring we send staff home safe and well, but with an eye on the legislative side also, after all accidents do happen and it is the legislation that will be used to prosecute if a court decides an employer didn't do what was reasonably foreseeable.

Having read the exiting chairs reported comments, I can't help thinking that this is a case of lighting the touch paper and running? If she felt this way, why didn't she do something about it on her watch?

Also I'm not sure I agree with some of the comments about competence and qualification. Correct me if I'm wrong but IOSH have a structure to their different levels of membership, and I know this being an AIOSH member.

I believe there should most certainly be structure to different levels of competency and should be reviewed periodically and these levels of competency should be categorised to show industry that should they need to use the services of a consultant, they can make an informed decision as to the competency of one consultant to another. I also believe that registration of OSHCR should be a prerequisite of consultants in order to qualify their competency to industry, but I also believe the register should be fit for purpose and to quote Hackett " listen to what their customers want and provide proportionate solutions"

This should not be a one way registration process and should be capable of relegating as well as promoting competency to deal with "the bad ones"

I value my membership of IOSH and will continue while I feel it is fit for purpose