I am disappointed to read the

Submitted by Adele Partridge on 27 April 2016 - 01:07 pm

I am disappointed to read the comment above. I have recently paid membership to OSHCR having worked as a H&S Consultant for over 12 years mainly on behalf of large consultancy companies. I always found fault with delivery of H&S for big companies who restricted me to provide partial H&S services to clients due to financial reasons. Many of these clients were left without suitable support to manage their H&S systems. I set up on my own and I am very successful in achieving positive H&S solutions for many clients and felt that the OSHCR was a great way to show my achievements to potential new clients. I completed every section of the register as fully as possible to ensure that potential clients could make a fair decision to choose my services, against others on the register. Albeit, I did notice some registry entries that were partially completed and I am unsure why those people would pay for registration when it was only a half attempted job. Doubtful that they would get work from the register for this reason. So I can understand that there should possibly be a system to assess registration (similar to CHAS registration which looks for supporting evidence and documentation). But to state that General Consultants should not be on the register and clients should handle H&S themselves is ridiculous. I have pulled several companies out of trouble with the HSE due to them trying to do it alone with severe consequences. I am proud to add both the IOSH Chartered membership logo and the OSHCR logo on my letterheads and I hope the ideas of a leaving Chairperson who has obviously not worked at floor level for a number of years does not lead people to consider the register to be an untrue reflection of our hard work.