I have been a member since it

Submitted by Christopher Burwash on 27 April 2016 - 01:44 pm

I have been a member since it started and I hoped it would indeed provide a benchmark of proficiency for the profession.
It is not at all active so far as I am concerned as the only time I hear from them is when subscriptions are due..
Surely, the time has come to make membership of a scheme, not necessarily this one, that demonstrates competence to the public and business alike, compulsory.
Electricians and gas fitters MUST belong to a Register to practice....is our profession no less valuable, and, in the absence of competence, lethal......
How many stories do we hear about deaths and injuries due to unsafe H&S practices before this happens?
Registration for gas fitters occurred after the Ronan Point disaster, why do we not bite the bullett and make Registration compulsory for practising H&S consultants before we have our own Ronan Point?