Well done Judith and to the

Submitted by Gary Magee on 28 April 2016 - 09:56 am

Well done Judith and to the other contributors above. I like Dame Judith Hackitt's comments about OSH consultants; “The good ones listen to what their customers want and provide proportionate solutions,” and “The not-so-good ones impose and sell through fear."

I agree also with the comments above. Those of us who learn about the businesses that we are assisting in order to give proportionate advice and solutions are seeking a body that highlights the benefits of good advice and measured actions to improve health and safety in the workplace. Registration with OSHCR was a good starting point but OSH is moving on quickly and a better more effective solution is required.

Different ways of managing OSH are being developed focussing on positives in H&S management rather than failings. The workplace today looks and feels much safer than 20-years ago but I think the changes are starting to accelerate again. Well done Dame Judith Hackitt for raising the issue but it is down to us to create a better solution.

While we are at it, what about accreditation for those companies who are compliant, managing H&S and achieving great improvements in performance? In construction there are SSiP schemes such as CHAS, Acclaim, Safemark and others that audit H&S systems annually for accreditation but what about the kids' soft play company or the corner shop that are doing great work. Let's think about how we credit and promote them as well.