I've been a member since day

Submitted by W B Pilkington on 27 April 2016 - 02:24 pm

I've been a member since day one and in all that time I've not had one contract or job offer from this organisation only as previously stated when my fee was needed .
The out going chair has got it wrong on this one and needs to retract that statement on the various type of HSE Consultants.
I for one like many others HSE consultants have become multi skilled on many subjects but it seems businesses are changing the goal post again you now have to wear the hat of Security,training , or the jobs not yours perhaps the HSE needs to get the message over to companies what actually a HSE consultants role is and not Having to wear six hats .
Companies that I have worked for where the dollar rate on their barrels is down are not hiring and only have their own so called HSE people who are ex operations or engineers and not really Qualified as I have found out on many occasions to my dismay once the consultant rectify a the problem in some cases he is seen as a threat and a overhead cost and released until it goes wrong again.
OSHCR needs to be updated with the input of the members and not just HSE office staff but the real HSE Consultants who can add experience ,knowledge gained over many years .