Oh, Dame Judith, what did we

Submitted by John Sproul on 28 April 2016 - 01:17 pm

Oh, Dame Judith, what did we consultants do to 'hack' you off so much? She oversaw the introduction of OSHCR and the initial running of the scheme but waits until she's leaving to have a go at 'generalist' consultants. As one such type of consultant, I work with many companies as an extension to their business, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best. As has been mentioned in other posts above, many companies do not have the financial resources to employ a full time H&S professional and to keep up with their training and CPD requirements. OSHCR could be better, could correspond more with us instead of just sending out fee requests but companies and organisations need to have somewhere to look for qualified and competent professionals to assist them with their H&S. As for comments regarding only the 'elite' being able to join the register, I do not class myself as 'elite', just someone who studied hard, sat the appropriate courses and exams, while still working, to demonstrate my competence and I have obtained work as a direct result of being registered. Schemes (OSHCR, GasSafe, etc.) need to have a minimum level/qualification/standard or anyone could join and then it would be the customer who lost out, possibly paying for an incompetent service and possible fines for failings. It should also be noted that the HSE themselves have 'generalist' Inspectors who often have to refer issues to their specialist Inspectors to assist them in deciding what is or what went wrong. As for Dame Judith, I think she has got it very wrong and if she thought the register was not working why did she not attempt to sort it prior to leaving. It's always easy to find fault, point the finger, etc. when you no longer have to sort the problem - if one actually exists.