I think some comments here

Submitted by Phil Pinnington on 29 April 2016 - 03:19 pm

I think some comments here have missed the point somewhat. Dame Judith did make it clear that the register was her worry and she does make it clear that the problem isn't with everyone registered. From my own experience there are many consultants who do frankly scare the uneducated or simply misinformed. They pull out their tried and tested management system which isn't always appropriate to their customers business and charge a hearty fee for it. As it's Health and Safety often the customer just accepts it because an insurance company have warned them if they don't they wont be insured or their premiums will skyrocket.
Many of these consultants have minimum qualifications and although their credentials are vetted by IOSH I'm sure some have grandfather privileges,
Our industry really doesn't need this so I applaud Dame Judith's stand. There's nothing wrong with making sure what we have is fit for purpose.