Normally I would read these

Submitted by Anonymous on 28 April 2016 - 07:33 am

Normally I would read these articles and take them in but I am annoyed at such comments from the former chair. Having been a chartered member of IOSH and registered consultant (and paying member) with OSHR since it was introduced I find the comments rather derogatory to the 'generalist' consultants on the register. Many consultants are valuable members of teams within organisations helping them with their health and safety responsibilities. To be put down as 'generalist' and that companies should do it themselves I feel is unfair. I totally agree H&S should not be about scaremongering to make money but some companies genuinely need or want help. I would agree that the membership has not brought me any business and I never receive any news updates or anything from OSHR for that matter. Possibly if they introduced a slightly more rigorous questionnaire at the start of the membership process maybe they would 'weed out' the 'poor' consultants that Judith is talking about.