In this OSHCR and the

Submitted by Warren Fothergill on 10 May 2016 - 03:29 pm

In this OSHCR and the relevant aspects of competence, are we not missing the point? If we are CMIOSH or above, within IOSH as the professional body, then why do we need a register? We already have a register, with membership numbers and CPD which to support our claims. Its not that we need another body, IOSH membership could and should serve the purpose and it has determined levels of competence within its membership criteria e.g. Tech, Grad and Chartered. We all pay membership fees, have the code of conduct and ethics to follow, so why do we need another organisation to determine competence, when its categorised within IOSH at different levels?

OSHCR is worthless as it stands, it doesn't add value or provide anything other than a tick-box exercise and take your money. I was in it for a couple of years in 2011/12, but never got anything from it when I was working within a consultancy. Whilst its hard for companies to determine the level of competence they need, it should be considered a requirement for them to contact IOSH about membership and ascertain information on said practitioner (if they aren't on there, that says a lot).