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Submitted by Ian Dronsfield CMIOSH on 30 June 2016 - 09:51 pm

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Safety in railway train driving cabs.
Making ineffective driving safety equipment.
On many older locos and multiple units trains the action of moving the reverser away from direction of travel whilst moving makes the Driving safety device inoperative when reverser control is replaced to direction of travel whilst still moving no brakes are applied, with no proof that this action has been taken. Drivers during the training period should be made aware that this action is against the law and a reference should be made in railway rule book section employment and discipline employees could make themselves liable to dismissal if they miss use any equipment or placed there for there safety or others safety.
I am aware that on modern locos and multiple units the brakes would be applied if this action is taken on a moving train, but only if moving faster than 5 MPH.
My background train driver then train driving instructor, examiner, many years ago.
Safety advisor, auditor construction and railways mainly retired.
Please let me know if you act on act information given.