As an experienced Lifeguard

Submitted by Anonymous on 4 December 2016 - 12:08 pm

As an experienced Lifeguard it is sad to hear of this awful incident. I do feel that the age to be able to train as a lifeguard should be raised to at least 18. This is not to say at 16 you are not capable ......on the contrary.....the fitness side of our role is an area that young lifeguards excell in however this is merely a small part of the role with our life saving abilities and our ability to intervene and prevent incidents being paramount. It is a role with a high level of responsibility and expectation and I'm unsure whether this is impressed upon candidates during the recruitment process. Also the pay scale again does not reflect the degree of responsibility. This could be reviewed with a few to encouraging a wider age range of potential candidates to pursue a career as a Lifeguard.