It look at this situation and

Submitted by Steve Plant 402260 on 27 July 2016 - 01:26 pm

It look at this situation and wonder where are those with the power to actually work towards putting a stop to these practices . What I appear to be seeing is a complete abrogation of responsibilities. I despair at the weak response from politicians, the disgraceful lack of action by Bolsover local authority and even to some extent the relatively polite terms used by IOSH. I have seen no formal condemnation from the CBI or indeed any of the many bodies who could actually assist in shaping public opinion on this gutter level business practice. I hold a position in senior management hence have a committed interest and belief in the importance of business success but I consider this organisation to be a disgrace. I can only imagine the uproar and indignation which would be generated if similar levels of disregard had been shown to those holding position and high status within our society.