Its quite amazing that Mr

Submitted by Vincent Butler CMIOSH; MCIPD on 27 July 2016 - 08:52 pm

Its quite amazing that Mr Ashley is enriching himself fabulously along with his executives and shareholders at the taxpayers expense.
Giving staff and agency labour dreadful wages, terms, conditions, health, safety and welfare forces many to claim ‘in-work’ benefits.
If he paid them a living wage then the need for tax payer funded ‘in-work’ benefits would reduce.
But why would Mr Ashley pay a living wage when he can keep much more profit for himself and shareholder dividends to become even richer.
Corporate lobbyists and lawyers, big corporations and the resulting ‘political capture’ will gradually erode further worker rights, H&S legislation and enforcement so Mr Ashley’s model is becoming the norm for millions of working people.
Theresa May talks the talk – but I’d wager anyone she will never walk to walk. The situation for working people will get worse and worse.
The transfer of wealth from the 99.9% to the 0.1% will speed up even faster and most don’t even realise its happening.
Please look up digital madia and YouTube and follow:
Professor Steve Keen
Professor Michael Hudson
Professor Richard D Wolff
Professor William Black
Professor Andrew Sayer
Not directly H&S but their written and visual material will give an excellent perspective on how the Mr Ashleys & Sir Phillip Greens & the Banksters of the world get away with what they do – and le ave the bill to the taxpayer. Profits remain private and losses are made public.
Happy watching and reading.