There is a need for change as

Submitted by Dale Banham CMIOSH FIIRSM RSP OHSCR on 28 September 2016 - 08:06 am

There is a need for change as in Construction the small employer/employee is being strangled and put out of business by CSCS/CITB/UKCG/Union controls imposed. These are imposed through clients/principle contractors under temporary works directive (CDM) using levy and cscs schemes whereby the funds paid go back to the UKCG and unions. The small employers are having to low tender and have conditions imposed in order to get the work and subsequently loose if they dont and struggle if they do as many are financially broken thereafter. The HASWA act require reasonable and cost benefit, there is nothing reasonable with the CDM-CSCS-CITB arrangements just ITIS Section 2 without due consideration for cost benefit to small SMEs'. A total rethink required as many are totally frustrated and having to aly off workers due to latest government levy on very small SMEs not working to large UKCG PC or accreditation schemes.