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Your evacuation plan – not just necessary, compulsory

“If you’re responsible for a building – whether you’re an owner, operator or employer - you must have an evacuation plan,” said Ian Thompson, sales and marketing director at Evac+Chair International, the world’s original and leading manufacturer of evacuation chairs.


“It’s essential for all businesses to have a building evacuation plan and evaluate the level of risk to be sure that, when an emergency does arise, everyone is as safeguarded as possible.

“Not only is the built environment continually changing but also the people who use them.  Public spaces and modern workplaces are now used by a wide range of people - for instance, older people and those with various mobility challenges.  Your policy and plans must reflect these changes in the event of fire, flood and other potential threats such as terrorism.”

Evac+Chair’s team includes those dedicated to training, equipment maintenance and site surveys. These onsite surveys are free and a vital tool in helping you choose evacuation solutions which not only comply with building and health and safety regulations but are also tailored to suit your specific workforce, building and location requirements.

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