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Webinar: 'The EHS manager of the future: How will the role be defined?'

Almost every year, a new technology is released that has a visible impact on our daily lives. It is not uncommon to daydream about what technologies of the future might have in store for us—flying cars, robots and holograms, among many others.

Bill Pennington
Many of the fanciful technologies that once only were daydreams are creeping closer to reality. With technology such as augmented reality, wearable devices and other edge tech becoming more accessible, EHS managers and other professionals are starting to wonder how these technologies can be applied to the working world. What do these technologies mean for the future role of EHS managers?

Join Verdantix for this webinar which discusses our latest report and examines how technology and evolving safety methodologies are shaping the EHS role. Presented by Bill Pennington, senior analyst, Verdantix, attendees will gain insight into developing trends in EHS innovation, emerging technology use cases and best practices for building safety culture. This webinar will provide a template for EHS professionals to understand how to best position themselves to lead the charge into the future of EHS.

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