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Wake-up call on workplace vibration

Q2 personal hand-arm vibration monitor identifies ‘rogue’ tool and saves workers from potentially dangerous exposure.


In late 2018, Network Rail carried out a review of its vibration risk controls. The firm already had robust processes in place, but was keen to develop best practice – so it issued operators with Curotec’s new Q2 personal vibration monitor. And what happened next was a revelation.

Like many employers, Network Rail had been using traditional risk assessments that relied on estimated vibration values. But with Q2 installed, managers were able to measure actual vibration levels in real time, and it quickly became clear that the standard estimated values weren’t always accurate – in some cases, massively undervaluing true vibration dose. 

In the case of one particular tool (a hand-held angle grinder), the assumed vibration magnitude indicated a trigger time of 42 minutes to exposure action value (EAV). But data from Q2’s continual measurement showed that EAV was reached in just 2 minutes 51 seconds.

This clearly demonstrates the shortcomings of traditional vibration risk assessments, and highlights the benefits of continual monitoring – Q2’s real-time alerts warned the operator before they suffered potentially dangerous exposure.

Mike Jones, founder of Berkshire-based Curotec said: “Hand-arm vibration syndrome is an archaic industrial disease which has no place in the 21st century – and thanks to the Q2, the technology now exists to accurately measure and manage vibration exposure in real time.”

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