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The rise of the virtual office

It was originally thought that co-working spaces – or ‘office hotels’ – simply offered a cost-effective, office solution for new or small businesses. 

But this way of working – renting a desk or office space by the day, week or month – is increasingly popular with every type of business including established corporations.
There are several reasons for this popularity such as the rise of the gig economy, cost savings and innovations in technology enabling us to work remotely with minimal disruption to working routines. 
But this new trend raises several risks and concerns regards emergency evacuation procedures.  If you’re uncertain about who is in your building at any one time, how can you ensure everyone is accounted for during an evacuation?
General emergency evacuation plans (GEEPs) should be devised to account for the health and wellbeing of all visitors and occupants effectively. This includes ensuring all emergency procedures are outlined and communicated in a way, clearly visible to anyone who enters the building, for any period of time. 
When compiling your GEEP, it is also important to ensure those responsible for implementing the emergency procedures are suitably trained and regularly drilled to ensure methods are rigorously tested. 
Evac+Chair is raising awareness of the importance of this preplanning by helping to share best practice compliance, training and testing for all emergency evacuation procedures. 
To ensure your evacuation processes and training are fit for purpose, visit or call 0121 706 6744. 


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