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The importance of evacuation planning

Why is an evacuation plan important?

Emergencies can occur at any time, so preplanning is essential. This includes emergencies as a result of fire, terrorism or even extreme weather.


Evacuation planning ensures the necessary measures are in place to protect a building’s occupants. Effective planning will also make sure vulnerable building occupants – such as those with mobility impairments – have a safe means of evacuation in the event of an emergency situation.

Your evacuation plans will need to include PEEPs (personal emergency evacuation plan) and GEEPs (general emergency evacuation plan) which are tailored to your individual premises and its occupants. Find out more here.

Why should your evacuation plans be tested?

Testing evacuation plans ensures that they remain fit-for-purpose and it can also help to identify any potential shortfalls. This will enable you to identify and make improvements, keeping your plan as effective and as up to date as possible.

For plans to be effective, they should be clearly communicated. Evacuation drills help to highlight everyone’s roles and responsibilities, ensuring you’re fully prepared in the event of a real emergency. These should be carried out at least twice a year. 

How often do I need evacuation equipment training?

Regular training to highlight where your evacuation equipment is stored and when and how it should be used will ensure those responsible understand their roles and are confident in using the equipment safely, and in a competent manner. 

How often you need training will be dependent upon the guidance provided by the manufacturer of your equipment and the recommendations of your training provider. At Evac+Chair, we firmly recommend users of equipment retrain at least every three years to maintain a level of competence.

Does your evacuation plan include the equipment required to evacuate everyone in an emergency? 

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