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Tetras: the new system set to revolutionise water management

It’s a familiar scene: shelves, bookcases, cabinets crammed with paper in Facilities and Estates departments across the country. This is how most hospitals organise their water hygiene, and, while it’s a comprehensive record, it can quickly become ineffective.

Considering Estates professionals have full-on jobs, it’s understandable that organising endless forms isn’t top of their to do lists. But there’s no denying that digitising your work load can revolutionise the way you work. Going paperless allows you to save space, boost productivity, make sharing easier, add security and help the environment. 

This is where ProEconomy’s Tetras system comes in. 

ProEconomy have developed Tetras, a new water management system that is designed to simplify water sampling by revolutionising the way water samples are collected, tracked and analysed. From barcoding outlets to taking samples and recording everything on the Cloud, Tetras does it all. ProEconomy have the sampling resources, as well as the software experience, needed to take the stress out of water management. 
All sounds great. But, how does it actually work?
Tetras: from outlet to internet
A water sample is collected by City and Guilds accredited samplers and then a UKAS approved laboratory will analyse the sample’s water quality. All sounds pretty standard so far. 

But, unlike other outsourced sampling companies, ProEconomy take it one step further. After sampling, the laboratory scans barcodes, that have been added to the sample bottle, and uploads all sample results into a client’s easy to use online dashboard. Here, clients can trend analysis results of individual outlets over time, graph site wide water quality, store certificates of analysis, create custom alerts and view results in real time, as soon as they are analysed. 
Sound too techy? Don’t worry – Tetras allows you to download colour coded Excel spreadsheets of your results if that’s the format you prefer while the client relations team is on-hand to help with any queries.

ProEconomy is a water treatment and management company striving to control Legionella, Pseudomonas and other water borne pathogens. Its copper and silver ionisation system, The Orca, has never failed to treat Legionella in a client’s premises. 

Based in Milton Keynes, ProEconomy has installed its Orca system in a wide range of premises. This includes some of the largest hospitals in the UK, such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Royal Free and Addenbrookes Hospital and some of the most prestigious sites across Europe, such as the European Space Agency and Windsor Castle.

Tetras comes free with the purchase of ProEconomy’s Orca copper silver ionisation system or can be purchased and integrated with any control modality for just £20 per sample. So, whatever your water treatment method, Tetras is ready to change the water management game by harmonising the journey from outlet to internet without a scrap of paper in sight. 
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