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Safe evacuation of a public building

To comply with the Equalities Act (2010), buildings from hotels to theatres and shopping centres have adapted to become more inclusive, with greater access for those who are mobility-impaired.

As more people now have access to buildings, it is vitally important to plan effectively for the safe evacuation of any building in the case of an emergency.
In a public building, where a variety of users with differing levels of ability pass through the doors every day, it isn’t always clear exactly who is responsible for the health and safety of everyone inside. 
Every public building needs to have a designated ‘responsible person’ who is in control of planning and communicating the procedures in place for the safe evacuation of the building. As the use of buildings changes and becomes more accessible the responsible person must ensure emergency evacuation procedures are kept up-to-date and communicated clearly to both permanent and transient building users. 
Evac+Chair is raising awareness of the importance of preplanning for emergencies, helping to share best practice in compliance, planning, training and testing procedures for evacuation. 
As part of this, Evac+Chair carries out thousands of free site surveys each year across the country to help ensure evacuation processes and training are fit for purpose.


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