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Pedestrian warning system: why Is pedestrian safety so important?

When accidents occur with a forklift truck, pedestrians are the most at risk. Accidental collisions often occur when a pedestrian is not aware of an operating vehicle. This is common in busy or loud environments. The damage caused to a person by a forklift can be severe, even fatal.


Keep your employees safe

HSE Regulations state that employers must organise the workspace so pedestrians and vehicles can operate in a safe manner. This is a standard social responsibility that all employers must show towards their workers. As everyone has the right to a safe workplace, pedestrian safety should be an important objective for any business.

Pedestrian safety is easy

The good news? It’s easy to implement risk control measures to keep pedestrians safe.  You can start by assessing the main worksite hazards and identify any areas of potential risk. This includes entrances, exits or any space where both fork lift trucks and pedestrians are present. Take note of any tight corners and blind spots.

A Pedestrian Warning System is an excellent tool to help reduce the risk of collisions or accidents. The ZoneSafe Crossing Alert is designed to warn pedestrians of approaching vehicles, such as forklifts.

How pedestrian warning systems work

The ZoneSafe crossing alert pedestrian warning system helps to keep pedestrians and site traffic separate around crossings and walkways.

It emits both audible and visual warnings and restricts pedestrian or forklift movement.

The ZoneSafe Tag is fitted to the vehicle. A ZoneSafe unit is installed on blind corners or where pedestrians may be present. This unit emits a 360° detection zone. When the forklift is in the detection zone range, the alarm will sound and flash. This alerts the pedestrian of the forklift’s presence. The alarm will stop as soon as the forklift leaves the detection zone.

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