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Pecolift – the smarter alternative to ladders

Working at height and specially with ladders has always been a concern. We all recognise the potential hazards of using ladders: stability issues, overloading or overreaching, slips. The Pecolift offers an alternative for working at height more safely and is easy to use, easy to maneuver, more efficient and operated without any power needed.


All a worker needs to do is to push the Pecolift into position and elevate the platform to the desired height. Thanks to a patented lifting technology, the Pecolift can be elevated with minimal effort. 

In line with local regulations you always need to maintain three points of contact while working on a ladder. The Pecolift allows you to do more, as it is equipped with a fully guarded platform and an anti-slip platform floor. With both hands free, workers have 360-degree free range of working, keeping them comfortable and productive. Fatigue is significantly reduced. 

The Pecolift is introduced to various manufacturing companies by health and safety officers across Europe who are looking to reduce their use of ladders and improve safety and efficiency. 

Think ahead about your workforce safety and encourage your team to choose the safe side. You can drive the change. Request your free demonstration at your facility today:


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