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Paul Mahoney: stories that inspire change

10000 years ago, one of our many ancestors told a story about how fire was discovered (you can imagine a group of people sitting around the camp fire being inspired by the group elder as he tells the story while the flames lick the night sky), as time went on that story was passed down the generations until it was forgotten. Luckily there are wall paintings on caves that still tell that story today.


That is the same now with trying to inspire people to work safer and commit to having healthier working environments. Stories have powerful messages to help groups reach the next level. 

Having a powerful story helps reinforce the message being delivered and also increases the information shared to delegates in a given session because the story will be passed on to others at work and at home. It helps generate buy-in from those who need that little bit of help to convince them that health and safety is a good thing to do and its importance in the workplace (and at home when completing DIY) because it will give workers the tools do the right thing when no-one is looking.

One of the poweful messages, Paul Mahoney, Tech IOSH, has carried from his education studies is that a mere 5 to 10 percent of the information passed on to delegates will be retained.

One story he uses is about a little boy standing on a beach watching a storm crash onto that beach. When the storm passes there are thousands of starfish stranded on the beach. Without a thought he starts throwing them back. His grandad comes along and tells the little that he won’t make a difference to them.

The little boy smiles and says as he throws another starfish back, “I made a difference to that one, grandad!”

If that little boy made a difference to one starfish, what difference could you make with your workforce? 

Paul Mahoney will be at the Health and Safety Expo in London this month on stand V143, why not stop and have a chat.

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