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ONR publishes performance report for nuclear safety

While the UK nuclear sector met the required safety and security standards last year, there remains room for improvement, the country's chief nuclear inspector has said in his first annual report on the industry’s performance.

Image credit: ONR

Mark Foy’s review details good progress in several areas including continued hazard and risk reduction at Sellafield; the transition of Bradwell power station into a period of Care and Maintenance – marking a UK first; the piloting of new site security plans in line with ONR’s Security Assessment Principles, launched in 2017; and the issue of consent for the first ‘nuclear concrete’ pour at Hinkley Point C.

But Foy (pictured, above left) identified significant challenges associated with ageing facilities, which require sustained focus and commitment to ongoing investment in plant, people and processes to ensure continued safe and secure operation, such that hazards are adequately controlled.

“We have also observed that certain sectors of the industry have experienced a reduction in conventional health and safety performance, and renewed efforts are required to ensure this performance improves and the trend reversed,” he said. “This is particularly relevant as considerable work is either underway or planned by the nuclear industry in new build construction, post-operational clean out, decommissioning and demolition.”

The third key theme outlined in Foy’s inaugural report urged dutyholders to embed an effective security culture across their organisations.

The report also features details and analysis of safety events reported by dutyholders between January 2018 and March 2019, as well as ONR’s annual research statement.



Kellie is a freelance writer and former online editor of the Health and Safety at Work website.


  • He might want to think a

    Permalink Submitted by SP on 16 October 2019 - 04:58 pm

    He might want to think about not only employing a few more conventional health and safety inspectors, but also paying them the same as his Nuclear Safety Inspectors. If you want conventional safety to be treated like nuclear safety, he and the ONR should practice what they preach.


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