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Next Generation of proximity warning for pedestrian safety

ZoneSafe Proximity Warning systems from Avonwood are proudly introducing their next generation of products to its portfolio for site safety. The new generation of proximity warning products has been developed using innovative technology and feedback from the market to create the latest in pedestrian safety products for work sites.


A redesign of the main control unit ensures simplicity whilst delivering a smarter and future proofed product for the market.  A new universal mounting system allows installations to be faster for both permanent and short term fixing. Internally, the control unit has a selection of alarm tones, included as standard. These tones are changeable depending on the operational environment and help to avoid confusion with other warning sounds on the work site.

ZoneSafe are also expanding their range of wearable tech. The new Vibra proximity tag provides a two-way alert to both pedestrian and machine operator. The tag can be easily attached to a belt or fixed to a hard hat. Emitting short bursts of vibration the tag alerts workers when breaching a detection zone around the vehicle interface.

These new developments are only the latest in ZoneSafe’s range of products to improve site safety. Their proximity warning systems reduces the risk of accidental collisions and near misses to pedestrian workers from industrial vehicles. The ZoneSafe proximity warning system has a fully active, 360° detection zone around the vehicle, to prevent any blind spot issues. The warning system alerts both drivers and pedestrians if they are at risk of a collision. Increasing awareness around the pedestrian vehicle interface helps to create safer and more efficient working environments.

Event data and reporting is another focus area in ZoneSafe’s portfolio. All system activity is logged with the ZoneSafe system. Tag detections can now be sent as a report directly to your desktop or device. This helps managers identify areas of risk and make informed safety improvements. The report can provide key information regarding both accidents and near miss incidents including identifying machine operators and detected tags. This allows managers to see how to improve site safety before an accident occurs!

ZoneSafe significantly reduces the risk of accidental collisions and near misses to people working near to materials handling vehicles and mobile plant. Part of Avonwood Developments Ltd. ZoneSafe are excited to introduce their newly advanced products to the market. For more information or arrange an onsite demonstration call 01202 868000 or visit  


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