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New voluntary standards scheme targets workplace mental health

A voluntary accreditation scheme aimed at improving employee wellbeing has been launched by a mental health consultancy.

The Mitigation of Stress and Management of Employee mental wellbeing (MSME) standard will be awarded to organisations that meet a set of commitments for managing stress and improving employee health and wellbeing. 
In order to be approved, businesses will be required to fulfil a range of criteria, covering:
  • Compliance of employer’s duty of care
  • Employer policies and procedures
  • Stress mitigation
  • Reasonable adjustment 
  • Record keeping.
To join the scheme, organisations will need to demonstrate “thorough compliance with the standard in all these areas, through an annual audit process”. 
The scheme has been designed by mental health consultancy Demolish the Wall, which said: “The wide range of legislation, best practice guidance, and sheer volume of reports, guidelines and viewpoints from many different organisations has led to confusion and uncertainty amongst employers about what they should be doing and why.”
The standard is designed to raise the level of employer knowledge and comprehension around the management of stress and mental health. 
The current version of the standard offers a bronze accreditation level and will develop to include silver, gold and platinum levels.


Keeley Downey is acting deputy editor of IOSH Magazine. She is a former editor of Biofuels International, Bioenergy Insight and Tank Cleaning Magazine

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