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Making dust monitoring and calibration easier

Casella’s Apex2 I.S.™ personal air sampling pumps monitor an individual’s exposure to dust, fumes and gases and offer class beating performance and long battery life.


Casella have recently introduced the Flow Detective™ air sampling pump calibrator. The first with airflow pulsation detection to ensure the correct flow, with traceable results.

This electronic calibrator can measure to 2% accuracy and send results from the Airwave app to email inboxes. The device alerts if pulsation exceeds 10% to adhere to ISO 13137, as excessive pulsation can have a detrimental effect on the collection of the correct fraction of respirable dust.

The Flow Detective™ can be used with any manufacturers’ air sampling pumps. When used with Apex2 I.S.™ personal sampling pump, the Apex2™ and Flow Detective™ can be connected via the Airwave™ App allowing for closed loop calibration. Airwave™ has the ability to remotely set the flow without accessing the pump menu, drastically saving time when setting up and calibrating pumps.

The Apex2 I.S.™ is intrinsically safe for use in potentially explosive areas. These devices are able to remotely monitor via the Casella Airwave™ app which means that you can manage your assessments from your mobile phone. So avoiding without disturbing your workers from their task so you can monitor and make interventions as necessary. 

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