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Lords: The home of cricket adopts first class hand hygiene


Marylebone Cricket Club is the world’s most active cricket club, and proud owner of Lord’s Cricket Ground. The ground – located in the heart of London – has a total capacity of almost 30,000 people. It is not only a venue where international and national sporting events are held, but it is also a popular tourist attraction.

The venue is internationally renowned, and Marylebone Cricket Club wanted to ensure that it remained that way. Accordingly, in the last 25 years, it has invested £50 million into various ground modernisation projects. However at Lord’s it isn’t just the grounds which have undergone changes in the past year. At the start of 2016, the club wanted to bring the focus back to the core venue components, and focus on improving the washroom experience for players, staff and visitors by ensuring that they have the best hand hygiene products available which can promote their reputable brand identity.

No matter what the location, employees and visitors should be made aware of the importance of hand hygiene. This can carry particular importance at high-profile sporting venues such as Lord’s Cricket Ground. The crowded communal space where players reside at Lord’s before, during and after a match takes place can be a breeding ground for microbes. Germ transfer can occur from the player’s dripping sweat, the sharing of towels and general changing room moisture.[1] This vulnerable environment must be better safeguarded against the spread of infection.

Lord’s Cricket Ground is also home to various eateries where food is produced and consumed. It revealed that 40% of people are concerned about food hygiene when eating out[2] – a concern which could be easily minimised. Hands are responsible for the transmission of 80% of infections[3]. Providing effective hand hygiene solutions can minimise the spread of germs and infections.

To ensure that their hand hygiene needs were appropriately met, Marylebone Cricket Club turned to Deb – a global leader in skin care products which offer bespoke hand hygiene solutions that combine the vital need to prevent the spread of germs, with innovative branding and design opportunities. Deb understood the importance of providing players, staff and visitors with appropriate hand hygiene solutions. In order to achieve this, Deb recommended the replacement of old dispensers with Deb’s leading bespoke hand wash and sanitise dispensers.  

A two-pronged attack to improve hand hygiene

195 Deb Refresh Azure FOAM hand wash cartridges and bespoke Lord’s dispensers were installed in public toilets in the grounds and restaurants, staff toilets and in the shower rooms. A foam hand wash was recommended by Deb as it offers a more economical choice compared with lotions – as a standard 1-litre cartridge can yield over 1,400 hand washes. Foam soaps can also contribute to significant water and energy savings. It has been estimated that their use can reduce water consumption by up to 45% and reduce product consumption and chemical waste[4], whilst also still being effective and pleasant to use.

This was of particular importance to Marylebone Cricket Club – as it has been named the first cricket ground in the country to run on 100% renewable energy. When choosing hand hygiene solutions, having environmentally friendly products was a priority. The Deb Refresh Azure FOAM hand wash is EU Ecolabel certified and also contains skin conditioners to improve skin hydration and prevent drying.

Deb also installed InstantFOAM Complete hand sanitiser dispensers in public and staff areas at Lord’s – the world’s number one virucidal foam hand sanitiser – which can kill 99.999% of many common germs. For a location as well-known and as well-respected as Lord’s, ensuring that any outbreak of illness due to poor hand hygiene is prevented is crucial for the establishment’s reputation among many factors.

For Marylebone Cricket Club, it isn’t simply about providing its players, staff and visitors with leading hand hygiene solutions, but it is also about enhancing the overall washroom experience. The club therefore decided to ensure that all dispensers were bespoke designed to fit with the cricket ground’s brand.  

The club chose to install aesthetically pleasing, bespoke washroom dispensers to allow the ground to promote a cohesive and inclusive brand identity. Deb’s design team worked with the cricket club to create a dispenser which reflected their exact brand specification. Deb’s dispensers have the largest surface area for printed design, allowing the choice of imagery and wording to create the biggest impact. The designs produced on the dispenser are also chemical and fade-resistant, and include a lifetime guarantee. These eye-catching bespoke dispensers are also likely to make washroom users more inclined to wash their hands with soap, encouraging better hand hygiene compliance.

The Deb dispensers installed at Lord’s also use Biocote’s antimicrobial technology, which has been proven to achieve up to a 99.99% reduction in bacteria, mould and fungi over a 24 hour period. The presence of BioCote’s logo on the dispensers are also providing reassurance to players, staff and visitors that excellence in hand hygiene procedures is of paramount importance to the cricket ground. Additionally, Deb also provided several hands-free dispensers to the cricket ground. These stylish and highly efficient TouchFREE dispensers have been installed in the disabled toilets in the venue to provide ease of access for visitors and staff.

The hand hygiene solutions chosen were the right fit for the world-famous Lords Cricket Ground, according to Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at Deb: “Both the products and the dispensers installed have provided players, staff and visitors with an improved overall washroom experience, and will help reduce the spread of germs and infections at the heavily populated venue and promote hand hygiene compliance.”

Derek Brewer, MCC Chief Executive & Secretary at Lord’s Cricket Ground added: “Lord’s is a world-class sporting venue, which is dedicated to providing players and visitors with effective solutions to prevent the spread of germs and infections. Upon receiving such positive employee feedback on Deb’s hand hygiene solutions, we are now considering increasing the number of soap cartridges and bespoke dispensers to all possible locations across the ground.”


[1] Meyer, M. 2007. MRSA outbreaks in health clubs. Ezine Articles.

[3] Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

[4] Independent research commissioned by Deb UK


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