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JSP’s Press To Check™ Filters - supreme compatibility with faceshields and visors

Wearing face-protection equipment such as faceshields and visors is no problem when they are used with JSP’s Press To Check™ filters on a half-mask. The low-profile, swept-back design of the Press To Check™ filters enables excellent visibility, allowing the filters to be worn effectively behind all types of faceshield and welding visor. 

End users are now therefore able to achieve a truly compatible half-mask solution with their faceshields whilst also receiving the award-winning functionality benefits of the Press To Check™ face fit check system. The unique hinging system on JSP’s Press To Check™ filters enables the wearer to quickly determine whether a correct face-fit has been achieved every single time they put on their half-mask before entering a hazard area, without disturbing the fit to the face, so providing daily face-fit reassurance. This is one of the features that led to the product winning the BSIF Product Innovation of the Year Award in 2014.  

The Force 8™ half-mask fitted with Press To Check™ filters has enabled many end users to upgrade their respiratory protection programmes away from paper-style disposable masks where impractical, intrusive, claustrophobic and inefficient annual qualitative fit tests are required to be carried out with a bag on the head and taste spray fired into the bag to detect leakage.  Press To Check’s™ built-in fit checking is both simple and convenient. The added compatibility with faceshields and welding visors makes Press To Check™ the most beneficial system on the market. 

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