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ISO 45001 roundtable - full discussion - gap analyses and assessments

To coincide with the new global standard's launch IOSH Magazine's discussion aims to cover the differences between it and the old BS OHSAS 18001, what companies will need to do to make the switch and what consultants and auditors will be looking for in gap analyses and assessments.

Experts from BSI, the British Safety Council, EEF and NQA Certification discuss what auditors will be looking for in organisations certifying their systems to the new standard. Who are the participants? 

Watch the full ISO 45001 discussion (Approx duration: 1 hour, 23 minutes) 

For 18001 audits senior management haven’t always made themselves available. There will be no getting away from that with 45001.

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*This filmed round table is organised and hosted by LexisNexis, publishers of IOSH Magazine. If you have trouble viewing the recording, please contact our technical support support@thestreamingcompany.com.

They need to not rush it. There’s a three-year transitional period if you are already certified to 18001 so you don’t have to rush to be the first to do it.


Watch our ISO 45001 discussion preview


If processes are relatively new, especially in worker participation, it may be hard to show implementation.

About the participants

David Parr, head of audit and technical, British Safety Council

David joined the British Safety Council in 2005 and has been instrumental in the development, ongoing management and delivery of its audit and consultancy services and products, including the remodelling of its “Five Star” best practice audit. David is a member of the British Standards Institution’s (BSI) HS1 committee and is also on the development panel for the forthcoming BSI guidance on the new ISO 45001 safety management standard. He provides technical management for safety and health consultancy projects for clients in the UK and internationally. David acts as the British Safety Council’s internal health and safety adviser and has ensured its safety management system has been independently certificated to the BS: OHSAS 18001 standard for the last three years. 


About the British Safety Council 

The British Safety Council is dedicated to making sure no-one is injured or made ill at work. Its role is to help organisations around the world achieve the highest OSH standards required by law. The British Safety Council is a not-for-profit membership organisation and works with its members to develop best practice. All its resources are used to reduce risk, prevent injuries and promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. 





Sally Swingewood, lead programme manager, British Standards Institution (BSI)

Sally is a lead programme manager in the UK national standards body’s governance and resilience sector. She is responsible for building relationships with national and international experts and developing standards in quality management, OSH management and auditing management systems. She has in-depth knowledge of management systems both through industry experience and standards development work. Passionate about providing excellent service, fairness and equality, she is currently exploring new tools to help small and micro businesses. Sally has over 20 years’ experience of publishing and management.



About the British Standards Institution (BSI)

BSI is the business standards company that helps organisations all over the world make excellence a habit. For more than a century it has been working to embed excellence into the way people and products work. That means showing businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth. As a global leader in helping organisations improve, its clients range from high-profile brands to small, local companies in 182 countries worldwide.




Mike Denison, health, safety, climate and environment consultant, EEF

Mike represents the EEF and UK manufacturing on the BSI committee responsible for the preparation, publication, review and revision of ISO 45001. He is an experienced safety and health professional and has worked in a range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, utilities and property management. Mike has experience of OSH issues from a client, consultant and contractor perspective and has worked with organisations from the shop floor up to executive levels. He has implemented and managed a wide-range of management systems.



About EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation

EEF’s team of consultants and trainers are one of the largest specialist providers of health, safety and sustainability support in the UK, supporting employers of all sizes representing every aspect of British industry.

Taking a partnership approach, it tailors its support to the business’ needs and where the business wants to take health, safety and environmental management. EEF’s expert team helps to keep businesses informed, maintaining compliance, implementing a management system and upskilling its workforce. 





Terry Fisher, occupational health and safety principal assessor, NQA Certification

Terry is an experienced safety and health professional and auditor who specialises in OSH. He has extensive experience working across a large variety of public and private organisations and industries, which includes the automotive sector, heavy engineering, medical manufacturing, general manufacturing, transport and logistics. Terry is an IOSH member and a recognised OHSAS 18001 trainer for new third party assessment auditors who deliver safety-related auditor training courses. He has spent most of his career in safety operations and management efficiency. Terry’s wealth of knowledge has led him to a principal assessor role at NQA. 


About NQA Certification

NQA is a global UKAS-accredited certification body, which provides certification, training and support services, and with over 36,000 certificates issued worldwide to clients in over 70 countries. With over 30 years’ experience, NQA is a leading certification body that specialises in high technology and engineering sectors and is part of NTS, the leading independent provider of environmental simulation testing, inspection and certification services in the United States. 



  • Small Business are struggling

    Permalink Submitted by Dale Banham on 17 March 2018 - 11:58 am

    Small Business are struggling to survive (less than 5 employees) under the current burden of 'compliance application' by those in the construction industry. My concern is this ISO this will be delegated down to these small companies, who are the ones on site carrying out the works without due regard as each brand tries to out do the other. Senior leaders again will insisting their contractors suppliers have this via procurement or QS! I had another client walk away from construction this week due to so much paper, so a more sympathetic approach required if this industry is to survive in 3 years time.

  • Thanks for the support and

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    Thanks for the support and clarity provided.
    hope the organizations. will put the foundation to move into the compliance and duty go care expected

  • Very informative debate

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    Very informative debate thanks everyone


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