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IOSH elearning gets gamification makeover

Make business, formerly EEF, has launched an IOSH managing safely elearning programme with accompanying health and safety game to drive real behavioural change.

IOSH elearning gets gamification makeover

The new elearning programme provides a rich media learning experience to ensure impactful training and accommodate the diversity of learning styles. With a recommended 16-32 hours of study time and 6 months to complete the course lets your workforce complete the learning you need on their terms, covering:



  • Introducing Managing Safely – The moral, legal and financial reasons that health and safety is important
  • Investigating Accidents and Incidents – Responding to an accident and the investigation process
  • Human Factors – Causes of health and safety failures including safety culture and managers
  • Assessing Risk – The risk assessment process and how to manage sensibly
  • Controlling Risk – The legal framework for risk management
  • Understanding Managers’ Responsibilities – Health and Safety law and the Plan, Do, Check, Act model
  • Common Hazards – Looking at common workplace hazards
  • Measuring Performance – Using active and reactive monitoring systems and carrying out audits

The elearning course is part of a suite of online and blended solutions that are designed to support the skills and knowledge needs in a flexible, engaging and impactful way. A unique tool for Make Business is their health and safety game that engages three fundamental aspects of human behaviour to drive behavioural change; people learn by doing, people do what they enjoy and people thrive on competition.

So, by playing a health and safety game your workforce are seeing and experiencing the impact of their health and safety decisions. Being part of scenarios and incidents they may come across in real life means they’ll be more likely to make the right decision and avoid an accident should they face it for real. And, because it’s fun and there’s some competition it becomes part of the conversation throughout the workplace.

One of the great benefits of gamification is the intelligence and insight the employer has access to. You can evaluate any aspect; from high level scores by department or group to the detail of identifying hot spots for training. You can even track improvements in health and safety knowledge and decision making over time.

The Make business IOSH elearning course can be bought directly from the website or by calling 0808 168 5874. The health and safety game can be purchased separately or as part of any Make Business training programme, find out more on


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