IOSH Council election results announced

Twelve IOSH members have been elected to the Institution’s Council. 

Existing IOSH Council member Andy Lo at a meeting last year. Image: Steve Burden Photography
Existing IOSH Council member Andy Lo at a meeting last year. Image: Steve Burden Photography

They have been chosen from a record 45 candidates and will serve for three years, joining existing Council members, from the AGM on 18 September.

The elected members are:

• Fraser Allan

• Lawrence Bamber

• Raymond Bone

• Neil Catton

• Nicholas Cornwell-Smith

• David Gold

• Louise Hosking

• Mary Lawrence

• Michelle Peate Morgan

• Jyssica Murphy

• Andrew Sharman

• Daisy Silcock

Council represents IOSH members, holding the Board of Trustees accountable for its performance against key responsibilities on their behalf. It also debates key strategic, professional and policy issues.

A total of 3,051 votes were cast in the election, a turnout of 6.7%. 

IOSH would like to thank all members who voted or put themselves forward for election, and congratulates the candidates who have been elected.


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  • 6.7% voter turnout!!!

    Permalink Submitted by Anthony Hill on 7 August 2018 - 02:49 pm

    6.7% voter turnout!!! Heads should be rolling!

    Is there a "corporate" view of this failure?

    What do the 9 full time IOSH corporate executive gurus (who collectively cost IOSH membership £1million a year) think?

    Is this voter apathy a reflection of the way ordinary IOSH members feel about IOSH governance?

  • I think it might go against

    Permalink Submitted by Pat Rodgers on 10 August 2018 - 12:39 pm

    I think it might go against the 'Ethos' of our wonderful Institute to cut peoples' heads off. What does he expect IOSH to do; threaten their members with excommunication if they do not vote.

    However, he has painted a beautiful picture in my head (that is still on) of all the Executives sitting cross-legged on a veranda. Gurus: Are these not all men; not politically correct.

    6.7% is better than 6.6%

    Kind Regards

    Pat Rodgers


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