IOSH backs occupational safety and health initiatives

This month, IOSH has a focus on two high-profile initiatives to promote safety and health at work. 


The Institution is backing the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work’s (EU-OSHA) campaign ‘Healthy workplaces for all ages’. The initiative aims to promote sustainable work and healthy ageing throughout people’s working lives, provide employers and employees with relevant information, and facilitate the exchange of good practice in this area.

During the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which starts on 24 October 2016, IOSH is encouraging members to use the campaign resources to help highlight the topic at work, join a networking event to hear a presentation on the campaign, and share good practice case studies.

Shelley Frost, executive director of policy at IOSH, said: “As a professional body with international reach, we continue to work closely with and support EU-OSHA’s ‘Healthy workplaces for all ages’ campaign and its life-course approach to ‘good work’. 

“Working lives are getting longer – older workers are a valuable resource, making positive contributions to organisations, and good occupational safety and health management helps ensure that all workers can fulfil their potential at work. The practical resources the campaign provides, including an excellent e-guide, are useful tools to help create a safer, healthier, more sustainable world of work for everyone.”

IOSH is also supporting Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week 2016 (October 17-21), which features a variety of activities and promotional events aimed at enhancing everyone's understanding of health and wellbeing. The week centres around four general themes – worker, workplace, wellbeing, and the wider community.

Shelley said: “We became a founder member of Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week because ensuring good health at work is at our core. As large parts of employees' lives are spent at work, employers can play an important role in helping them achieve better quality working lives and the occupational safety and health community can help support improved wellbeing at work.” 

“We’re encouraging members to get involved during the week by downloading the growing number of free resources from the Great Britain Health and Wellbeing Week’s website, joining a free webinar on 18 October, and using IOSH’s health and wellbeing materials to help raise awareness in the workplace.”

IOSH would like to hear about the activities members organise, so please email


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