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The Institution of Engineering and Technology: Are you losing sleep over safety worries?

Prosecutions of directors and senior managers under Section 37 of the Health and Safety at Work Act are on the rise: up 92% in 2015-16 compared to the preceding five years. Custodial sentences for safety breaches – although often suspended – are now more frequent.


One of the biggest issues for many firms can be that the person put in charge of electrical (or building) safety is not be a technical expert. Bill Bates, a former Principal Health and Safety Executive Inspector with over 20 years of investigating electrical safety breaches, says:

“It is becoming increasingly prevalent that those responsible for controlling electrical risks have little electrical experience. They probably have neither the competence and hence the confidence to deal with their responsibilities.

Although administrators may feel that the electrical installation they are responsible for can be dealt with by calling in a contractor, it does not absolve them of accountability. This awareness often only comes to light in the event of a serious incident.”

Help is at hand with the IET’s Electrical Safety Management training. This 2-day course shows you how to anticipate and prevent risks before they happen. You’ll also produce an electrical safety management plan specifically for your organisation that you can start using straight away.

The next training dates are 30 October – 1 November in London and 15-16 May in Manchester. Sign up at , demonstrate your workplace safety and gain peace of mind.



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