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How to ensure everyone is evacuated safely during a security threat

As the current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is still high, it’s now time for every business owner to ensure they have comprehensive and up-to-date evacuation procedures in place.


Although similar, emergency evacuation procedures caused by security threats, are tailored differently to fire evacuation procedures. For example, evacuating a building to a nearby car park or to a clearly marked evacuation point in a public area isn't sensible as is evacuating to a location within 500m of a building. Things to remember:

It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure safe evacuation

As stated in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it’s no longer the responsibility of the fire service to facilitate evacuation of non-domestic premises, it’s an employer’s. 

Pre-planning is essential

Under legislation, the responsible person must develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan, known as a ‘PEEP’. The aim of these plans is to provide people who cannot get themselves out of a building unaided during an emergency, with the necessary information to be able to manage their escape from the building.

Assisted equipment ensuring the vulnerable are safe during evacuation

All evacuation aids must be located in a designated refuge point but, undoubtedly, evacuation chairs have proved to be the most efficient and user-friendly as they enable the operator and passenger to safely exit the building quickly and efficiently.

Evac+Chair offers a simple and effective solution to ensure a safe exit from tall buildings in any emergency situation. For more information, or for a free site evaluation to assess your evacuation needs, please visit:


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