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Flexibility is key: Distance learning can save you time and money by fitting your training round your life

IOSH approved online courses offer you exactly the same qualification as the classroom equivalent but with far greater flexibility.


By choosing online study the training fits in and around your life. No fixed days or hours of study, no travelling to learning or exam sites. No charges for cancelling or rearranging, no travel, expenses or accommodation fees. The ability to dip in and out of the training as and when you want and to move at the pace that you require as an individual learner.

The flexibility does not come at a cost, all courses are backed up by IOSH approved instructors, support is always available during business hours and even on weekends and bank holidays!  Fast certification and an immediate start come as standard. 

“This course is definitely value for money the user area is very easy to use and the modules are easy to follow with all the information you need at hand without having to sit in a classroom. The feedback at the end of the course is precise and comes with useful advice to help you in the future.”

“A well formatted course that is broken up into nice sections. Very easy to follow and very informative. Could do at your own speed (which actually meant it took half the time of a classroom course, while fitting in with work commitments). It really makes you think, but provides all the information required to pass the tests, with interim questions that get you prepared for the final assessments.”

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