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Finding your Unique Selling Point in health and safety

The Spanish football club, Athletic Bilbao. adopt the philosophy of “we are not better or worse than any other team, but we are different!”


“I love my football and it is our passions that we should all use to improve our working lives”, says motivational health and safety speaker, Paul Mahoney Tech IOSH.  He continues: “there are many people who are now talking about life after an accident, either from a personal perspective or from the point of view of a loved one who has suffered as a result of a major incident.”

Mahoney says that as much as we all have an impact in our own small way, the question has always got to be “what is my USP (Unique Selling Point).” For him it’s setting the scene of a typical working day, for example, culture, standards and individual working colloquialisms when talking to his audience, and then sharing the hard-hitting video of his accident with them. This is his Unique Selling Point.

He says that sharing this personal experience brings his audience face-to-face with his message, compelling them to think about the steps they can take to stop a major incident from happening in their workplace. His audience reactions are mixed in that some will hide and some will nod, while others will stick their heads above the parapet and be the shining knights.

If you need an Athletic Bilbao mindset to challenge your workforce to adopt an enhanced appreciation of safety, Paul Mahoney is on hand to assist.






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