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Finding the 'How' in Health and Safety

Simon Sinek the leadership guru talks about how people or organisations don’t understand the why, the purpose or cause of their existence. With health and safety it’s the how to achieve success that is the missing element!

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Health and safety departments understand the why we do and need good health and safety, as it gets everybody at work to go home in the same condition as they arrived. It makes good business sense as well, as the organisation is viewed as a safe company to work for.

The what they need is easy as it is about everyone having the moral, legal and financial responsibility to carry out their work safely and in a healthy environment.

Health and safety departments and organisations as a whole don’t really understand how we are going to achieve the zero harm, beyond zero or target zero etc. (the safety goal). The how is really a multi-layered approach involving everyone in the organisation (top to bottom and back again) and being visible to each other as they go forward to a safer world. It comprises the use of advisors/consultants as they bring in new thinking and fresh eyes.

Not only does Paul Mahoney, Tech IOSH, use his story to inspire an audience, he can and has gone out into the workplace and used fresh eyes to see the things that have merged into the background or become part of the furniture. It allows him to get a snapshot of the organisation culturally as well, highlighting the brilliant and out-of-the-blue situations.

Paul will be at the Health and Safety Expo in London this year on stand V143, why not stop and have a chat.

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