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Evac+Chair International launches White Paper on Changing Nature of Risk


From building design, maintenance and refurbishment through to workforce diversity, there are many reasons why businesses and organisations need to rethink their approach to risk, especially when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of the people visiting, working or living in buildings of all types.

When safe evacuation fails, lives can be lost, or people can be seriously injured. It is not the responsibility of the emergency services to evacuate people, so clear leadership and ownership of emergency planning and evacuation is essential.

The days of a ‘tick box’ response to risk are over according to experts from fire, facilities management and health and safety, who joined Evac+Chair International to debate the Changing Nature of Risk at a roundtable event in Birmingham.

Their views helped to inform our exclusive White Paper on how businesses and organisations need to respond to the Changing Nature of Risk in buildings old and new and how this should inform health, safety and evacuation planning in the future.

The White Paper considers emerging evacuation risk factors such as technology, building design and terrorism, as well as highlighting what is driving best practice and providing top tips and guidance on how organisations should respond.

The White Paper is featured on Evac+Chair International’s new website which is packed with useful guides and information that highlight best practice and innovation in evacuation planning

Download a copy of the White Paper: The Changing Nature of Risk 



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