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Evac+Chair highlights changing nature of risk

Evac+Chair International, the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of evacuation chairs, invited experts from fire, health and safety and facilities management to debate the Changing Nature of Risk at a roundtable event in Birmingham. 


Guests were invited to consider how the modern workplace is changing, what threats are impacting on policy and behaviours, what impact the design and accessibility of the built environment is having, as well as how to meet the needs of an older or mobility-impaired workforce.

Ian Thompson, sales and marketing director at Evac+Chair International said: “It’s not just fire, flooding or even terrorism that is influencing the changing nature of risk. There are more subtle changes at play. From building design to workforce diversity, there are many reasons why businesses and organisations need to rethink their approach to risk especially when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of the people visiting, working or living in buildings of all kinds.

“The attendees provided some valuable insights which will contribute to a white paper on the Changing Nature of Risk which we will be publishing soon,” he added.

Evac+Chair is the world’s leading supplier and original manufacturer of evacuation chairs, designed to help mobility-impaired people descend a staircase in any emergency.  The organisation also provides building evacuation risk audits as well as dedicated team training and equipment servicing.

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