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EssentialSkillz at the Health & Safety Event 2019

Established in Galway, EssentialSkillz are well-known market leaders in the Health & Safety eLearning industry. Since 2001 we have developed nearly 50 interactive and engaging eLearning courses that focus on Health & Safety and Business Protection

EssentialSkillz at the Health & Safety Event 2019

At the end of 2018, we were ready to hit the ground running as we moved into the new year, and we are already well on the way to achieving our goal. So far we have been working on a wide array of projects, ranging from new features to exploring new avenues to ensure we continue to deliver the most effective eLearning solutions. We recently launched our Mental Health Awareness training course designed to help health and safety managers promote positive mental health in the workplace.

The course marks the first entry in a series of wellbeing courses that are currently in development behind the scenes. All of our forthcoming courses are aimed at helping organisations establish a supportive and healthy workplace culture for their employees.

We also continue to develop new ways to create engaging learning experiences - from new levels of interactivity to exploring the ways in which story-telling and narrative can help users to truly understand and practice essential health and safety protocols.

All of our courses are fully optimised to maximise user engagement and ensure users truly understand key health and safety procedures. But what really sets our compliance training apart from other health and safety providers is its versatility. All of our courses are fully editable, so organisations can create and deliver training that's right for them.

EssentialSkillz at the Health & Safety Event 2019-stand

The EssentialSkillz team are thrilled to be heading down to the Health & Safety Event, and we'll be on the show floor between the 9th-11th of April at the Birmingham NEC to talk about anything and everything eLearning.

Our brand ambassadors will be on hand to offer 1-1 practical advice to help visitors find effective learning solutions that really deliver - from our impressive catalogue of online training courses to our comprehensive DSE assessment software, EssentialSkillz has everything organisations need to ensure compliance across their workforce.

Our CEO Julian Roberts will also be on the show floor to answer any questions. From discussing current trends to exploring the future of compliance training, we look forward to talking to a wide array of industry professionals.

We decided to do something special with our display this year. Since our customers have the ability to instantly customise their courses, we wanted to go one step further by bringing in a street artist to help bring our stand to life in real-time. Make sure you come and visit us at Stand E32 and see what we can create together

We’re excited to take part in such an engaging event, and we look forward to seeing you there.


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