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Engineering co pays £30k after swinging load injures forklift driver

A company that specialises in steel fabrication and sheet metal work has been fined after a worker was hit by a metal structure during a lifting operation. 

The 46-year-old Knowsley Engineering Services employee and a colleague were using a forklift truck to manoeuvre the structure out of the company’s premises in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. 

As it was raised above the supporting trestle it began to twist and swung into the cab of the forklift, striking the worker who sustained a broken arm and serious flesh wounds.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the company had not suitably planned and supervised the lift, which took place on 30 June 2014. It had failed to carry out a risk assessment and employees had not been formally trained.   

At Liverpool Crown Court on 30 August, Knowsley Engineering Services pleaded guilty to breaching s 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act. It was fined £30,000 and must also pay £7,670 costs.  

HSE inspector Imran Siddiqui said after the hearing: “Had the company taken basic steps such as providing suitable training so those undertaking the lift were in a more informed position to assess and then adequately manage the risks, this incident would have been avoided.”


Keeley Downey is acting deputy editor of IOSH Magazine. She is a former editor of Biofuels International, Bioenergy Insight and Tank Cleaning Magazine

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