Election season continues for IOSH members

The UK’s General Election has come and gone – but voting season is far from over for IOSH members. 

IOSH members have the chance to vote in the 2017 Council Election
IOSH members have the chance to vote in the 2017 Council Election

It is nearly time to play your part in the future of your profession and the body that represents it and cast your vote in the IOSH Council Election. 

IOSH has this year received a record number of nominations for election to Council, with 29 candidates put forward.

On Thursday 22 June, all members will receive details of each of these candidates and their election slips from the Electoral Reform Services. 

IOSH President Graham Parker has urged all members to take their opportunity to vote.

He said: “The annual IOSH Council Elections are crucial and it is important that our members have their say. This is each member’s opportunity to shape the way the Institution moves forward. 

“It is also crucial that members take time to consider the nominees’ statements. That way they can choose the right candidate to represent them and represent their views, which can help the Institution grow.

“Voters should look at what activity each individual has done previously. This doesn’t necessarily mean volunteering for IOSH; it can be other forms of volunteering which is equally relevant.”

Graham added: “We’ve had a high number of excellent candidates come forward. Now it is over to you, the members, to do your bit and cast your vote.”

The Council holds the Board of Trustees accountable for its performance against key responsibilities on behalf of members. It also debates key strategic, professional and policy issues. 

From Thursday 22 June, members will also be able to access an election forum where they can ask candidates questions to find out more about what they stand for and how they intend to contribute to IOSH as we deliver our new five-year strategy WORK 2022.

Voting in the election closes at noon on Friday 28 July. The successful candidates will be announced in early August. For more information, click here

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