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Delivering safety culture change using the Hearts and Minds Toolkit

The Hearts and Minds toolkit is designed to help organisations improve their HSE performance by: leading the way to the ‘route to the top’ of the HSE culture ladder, and providing the process and tools to facilitate safety culture change and improvement.  More information











Facilitated by developers of the Hearts and Minds toolkit, this course will: 

  • Teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, including consideration of the various stages of a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review
  • Provide an overview of the Hearts and Minds toolkit and lets delegates to get to grips with facilitating a selection of tools from the Hearts and Minds toolkit
  • Allow attendees to learn from some of the leading experts in safety culture change

Illustrated with case studies and examples from the course facilitators’ own experiences, delegates will also have the opportunity to create their own bespoke safety culture improvement plan for implementation in their own organisations.

Course overview:

Day 1 - Raising awareness

  • Introduction to safety culture change
  • Raising awareness and getting manager buy-in
  • Leadership engagement in culture change
  • Overview of the Hearts and Minds toolkit
  • Developing a customised plan for cultural change in your organisation

Day 2 - Preparation and implementation

  • Full demonstration of the Understanding Your Culture tool
  • Using the Making Change Last tool
  • Facilitation advice and practicalities; Hearts & Minds support materials
  • Preparation to co-facilitate part of a Hearts and Minds workshop

Day 3- Implementation and review

  • Guided run-through of two Hearts and Minds tool workshops
  • Sustaining a culture change programme; monitoring and reviewing the results
  • Review of the course and question and answer session

Book now: 21 – 23 May 2019

Book now:  5 – 7 November 2019


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