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‘Culturally appropriate’ safety wear range launched

A new range of culturally appropriate safety wear has been launched by construction safety specialists the BCS group, according to Construction Enquirer. 

The range includes tunics designed to “allow women of all religions feel comfortable at work” along with clothing suitable for use by pregnant women.

There are now around 300,000 women employed in the construction industry in the UK, which means employers have a duty of care to provide appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE), says BCS.

A Trades Union Congress (TUC) report from 2016 found that 57 per cent of women thought their PPE hampered their work.

“Often employers think that all they need to do for women is get the same PPE for men, but smaller,” it stated, an approach that risked causing “significant problems”.

Women also found it “very difficult” to get suitable PPE during pregnancy, the document added.

“In sectors like construction and engineering only very recently have women begun to be more visible,” it stated.

“Unless women in these sectors have the same access to safe and comfortable PPE they will continue to find it much harder to work on an equal footing to men. For that reason PPE should be seen as an important equality issue.”

The range has been launched following extensive testing and field trials across BCS’ parent company, Barhale.


David Gilliver
David Gilliver is a freelance journalist, copywriter and subeditor


  • So when that nice, free

    Permalink Submitted by Chris Lightowler on 4 September 2019 - 04:16 pm

    So when that nice, free flowing tunic that allows the individual to feel comfortable catching on something is found to be the cause of some kind of entanglement or other injury whose fault will it be?
    There is a reason clothing that is PPE is supposed to be tight fitting!


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