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Best practices: Deploying mobile EHS apps

A mobile EHS application, in its purest form, serves as a tool that can enhance the quality of any EHS programme, but only if utilised correctly.

Mobile EHS apps once represented an additional upsell opportunity for EHS software vendors but, over the past several years, have become a necessity among corporate buyers.

In the latest Verdantix global survey of EHS decision-makers, 87% of 411 respondents said they will use mobile EHS apps in their internal programmes during 2019, up from only 57% of respondents in our previous survey (see Verdantix Global EHS Leaders Survey 2018: Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences).

Vendors want to capitalise on the excitement generated by mobile EHS applications. However, before you learn to run, you first must learn to walk. Similarly, EHS managers should clarify what they hope to accomplish in utilising mobile apps as the initial step in understanding the opportunities and challenges of implementing mobile apps as well as employing best practice for adopting mobile EHS apps.

This report provides managers and buyers in corporate EHS roles with an overview of the best practices for deploying mobile EHS applications (apps). This study covers barriers and considerations relating to processes, people, technology and data.

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